You are energy!

You and all living things on the planet are made from moving energy. When you are healthy and feel good, the energies are flowing as they are designed to, in balance.

Sometimes energies can get stuck due to challenging experiences.

Maby long-term stress, difficult childhood experiences or a strong event took place in

your life and you  feel a bit broken.

Perhaps you feel heavy or sad without any particular reason. 

Let me help!

Through varying techniques from shamanic traditions together with over 20 years

experience in energymedicin, mindfulness, meditation and somatic practice I assist

to free your body and mind from stuck energies and tension.

You can be free from reactive behaviours and sadness.

Old wounds can be healed and transform your life.

Sometimes this deep healing takes a little effort and time, sometimes the

timing is just right and it lets go easily.

If you are willing to challenge the ego and have a little courage to make a

shift in your life, change is possible!



One session takes around 75-90min.

First visit up to 2hrs.

Investment 1200SEK (1500SEK FROM 1/9-22) 

Students up to 20, 950SEK 

Call/text: +46-739-868626 to book a session.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 107, Stockholm Sweden

Also available for distance healing after a first meet.

Postcards and good ideas: Movehealgrow/Gardenary AB, Kocksgatan 3, 116 24 Stockholm. Call us! +46 739868626 E-mail: Org. 556995-9595